Waseque Miah, Director of Training and Quality Assurance


Waseque comes from the aviation industry. Not only is he qualified in safety and quality control, but he understands the maintenance and appearance needs of airlines, as a former employee in charge of maintenance, training and deicing. His qualifications include:

  • Qualified to train the trainers for 25 carriers
  • Significant experience conducting ISO/DAQCP/FAA/CARS types of audit procedures.
  • Commercial Multi Instrument Rated Pilot with five years experience as a Certified Multi/Single/Ins Rated Flight Instructor
  • Certified Maintenance/Appearance/Deicing instructor
  • Triangle Aviation Maintenance and Training coordinator for Ramp and Deicing


Safety Culture
Ultimate Aircraft is fully committed to a safety culture that is defined by the actions and decisions of all of our employees. Our safety culture runs throughout our organization and is maintained by informing employees of all risks and hazards, implementing just responses to error while not tolerating willful violations, encouraging reporting and learning from constant training. Our dedication to safety is strong and we build upon it every day. Every shift starts and ends with a safety briefing to ensure that it is our and all of our employees’ top priority.

Safety Record
Ultimate’s Safety record is the finest in the industry, especially in light of the hundreds of planes touched each day, ranging from B737/A320 to B747/A380 aircraft (i.e. all commercial aircraft).

Ultimate has never been cited or found to be in violation by any FAA, Regulatory or Environmental Agency/Government Agency.

At JFK we touch more than 5,000 flights per month and have a 94% rating and at EWR our rating is 100%.

All employees complete our comprehensive training curriculum to ensure all customer aircraft are maintained at the highest standards of appearance. Employees complete 8 hours of classroom training and 16 hours of On-The-Job training, and are audited by Quality Assurance on an ongoing basis for professionalism, customer support, quality, safety and security. Our courses are taught by certified and highly experienced professional aviation personnel to ensure a quality education to our employees.

Training and Safety Motto: Ultimately it is the safe worker who will provide the best quality job.

Safety1 Curriculum
Our employees gain experience on multiple aircraft makes and models during training, and are cross trained on services meaning we have a trained team ready to complete any service necessary. In addition, all managers must complete an OSHA course prior to being responsible for their respective shifts. We also administer in-house Thread and Error Management Training (T.E.M.) that focuses on situational awareness within the aviation industry.

Quality Assurance
Ultimate Aircraft has a strict Quality Assurance program in place to make sure make sure all employees and management are up to date with training and following proper procedures in terms of safety and cleaning services. Audits are performed unannounced to asses all functions, processes, and safety standards.